Behaviour and Training

Behaviour Consultations

Does your dog’s behaviour worry you?

Do you feel angry, frustrated, embarrassed or even frightened by it?

Perhaps you are torn between your love for your dog and the safety of your children.

It may surprise you to find the behaviour you are concerned about comes from an emotional place you would recognise.

Science has shown us that animals, too, feel anger, fear, depression, anxiety and sadness.

Likewise, they also feel happiness, security and contentedness.

Let me help you guide your dog into a positive place and you will see his behaviour improve. We will do this using:

  • Detailed analysis of the emotions behind his behaviour
  • Behaviour modification training
  • Relationship building

Consultations include home visit, behaviour analysis, full written report and behaviour modification plan, plus liaison with your vet if necessary.

Prices: £150 initial consultation plus .45p mileage beyond 10mi from Haxby, York

Follow-ups: £45/hr plus mileage


Puppy/Adolescent Dog Training – One to One’s

Why choose a one-to-one session for your young dog?

  • One-to-one’s may better fit into your lifestyle
  • You may have particular needs or lifestyle choices for your dog, for instance, you may want to practice around livestock or in town or want your dog to relax in a cafe’
  • Maybe you completed your puppy classes but your dog has some minor behaviour problems* you want help with
  • (*please note, if I deem a behaviour problem to be a major one, I will require a behaviour consultation at the price above)

So, what kind of things are included in puppy/adolescent training? You may want to address:

  • house-training
  • chewing/biting
  • jumping
  • lead-pulling
  • recall

As standard we will cover:

  • calmness/settle
  • breed appropriate play
  • recall
  • loose-lead walking
  • leave-it
  • What was That??
  • general relationship building

Prices: £230 for six – one hour lessons (plus .45p mileage beyond 10mi from Haxby, York)


Family Dog/Child Safety One-to-One’s

If you have a family, I can help to improve the safety of your children around dogs by:

  • Teaching your children safe and respectful behaviour around dogs
  • Helping the whole family learn how to read dog body language using the Hey Dog! Let’s Talk!
  • What was that?? – teaching your dog to cope with the rough and tumble of family life
  • Helping your children become important to your dog – this will be fun!
  • Giving your dog choices – why this is important when the safety of children is concerned

Preparing your home and your dog before the baby arrives is the ideal time to do it. I can help you:

  • Teach your dog to be content on his own whilst you spend time with your baby
  • Look at your home and decide where safe spaces can be made for your dog and your baby
  • Help you guide your growing baby toward safe behaviour around your dog

If your dog’s behaviour is a worry to you, don’t leave it any longer. If you are concerned about your children’s safety around dogs, I can help.

Prices: £50 per one hour family session (plus .45p/mi beyond 10mi from Haxby, York)

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