Hey Dog Pet Behaviour and Training

Dedicated to building trust and understanding between people and their pets with a special interest in dog/child safety

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Hey Dog! Let’s Talk! is a child’s beautifully illustrated guide to understanding dogs and learning to behave safely and respectfully around them

We all know how hard it can be to communicate with other people, let alone dogs. Hey Dog! Let’s Talk! looks at how a dog’s body language may reflect how he feels.

Follow Hey Dog and his friends as they show your child that using the ‘Stand-Still’ approach and giving the dog a choice are the two keys to earning trust and staying safe.

Hey Dog Sniffs are for Feet! is a book for parents, building on the basic information found in ‘Let’s Talk!’. ‘Sniffs’ will help guide you through your thought process as you consider how you will help your dog to adapt to the big change of a baby coming into his life! A practical guide, ‘Sniffs’ offers advice for each stage of your child’s development, helping to grow a safe and happy relationship between your canine family member and your child.

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These beautiful books are available directly from the author

Pet Behaviour Consultations

Understanding the reasons behind your pet’s unwanted behaviour is the key to resolving it. If you are struggling to find an answer, I may be able to help.

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Family Education

Hey Dog Pet Behaviour and Training offers home-based workshops for you and your family to help you develop more confidence in managing a household with dogs and children. Not only will any concerns about your child be addressed, but the needs of the dog will always be considered as well. If you are interested, click the button below.

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Talks and Presentations

Would you like a fun, interactive talk for your school or children’s club? Hey Dog does dog/child safety talks for under 10 year olds that will keep them entertained whilst learning important lessons about reading dog body language and how to behave safely and respectfully around dogs themselves. Parents talks are also available.

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Yes, Hey Dog does cats! You may have a lovely cat that has suddenly started spraying in the house. Perhaps your cat is aggressive towards visitors. These and other behaviour issues are signs your cat may have stresses in her life that can be resolved. As emotional animals, cats are particularly sensitive to their environment and will let us know if they are unhappy…

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