Hey Dog Pet Behaviour and Training

Dedicated to building trust and understanding between people and their pets with a special interest in dog/child safety

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Hey Dog! Let’s Talk! is a child’s beautifully illustrated guide to understanding dogs and learning to behave safely and respectfully around them

We all know how hard it can be to communicate with other people, let alone dogs. Hey Dog! Let’s Talk! looks at how a dog’s body language may reflect how he feels.

Follow Hey Dog and his friends as they show your child that using the ‘Stand-Still’ approach and giving the dog a choice are the two keys to earning trust and staying safe.

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Hey Dog! Let's Talk! is a book aimed at 4-7 year olds and intended to be read with parents

Family Training and Education

Do you wish you could understand your dog better? Unlike humans, dogs primarily communicate through their body language and facial expressions. Unfortunately, these signs are often misunderstood and a worried dog can be pressured into a bark, growl or even a bite.

Hey Dog Pet Behaviour offers Family Education in your home. Interested? Click the button below…

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Prenatal Family Education

Are you expecting? Worried how your dog will react to the new arrival? Preparing your dog for the baby’s arrival will ensure a smooth transition into a new family environment. Dogs can become stressed and unhappy when the family environment suddenly changes. With guidance, you can teach your dog to be happy spending time on his own whilst you looking after your baby. Along the way, you will learn how to keep your baby safe as they grow and develop, eventually becoming more interested in your dog…

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Talks and Presentations

Did you know that the number of dog bites is increasing? Did you know that by learning to recognise a dog’s body language most of these cases could have been prevented? Most of the dogs involved are good, safe pets who are just pushed beyond reasonable limits. This is why the best way to protect your child from a dog bite is through education and training…

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Yes, Hey Dog does cats! You may have a lovely cat that has suddenly started spraying in the house. Perhaps your cat is aggressive towards visitors. These and other behaviour issues are signs your cat may have stresses in her life that can be resolved. As emotional animals, cats are particularly sensitive to their environment and will let us know if they are unhappy…

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In one of my dogs, Wendy has met the challenge of a deep-seated problem with great depth of knowledge and patience and has shown me the coping mechanisms for his behaviour.

Wendy has a most professional and compassionate attitude to the animals and their owners and this owner is truly grateful.

Christine, York

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wendy - she provided good solid advice regarding our dog's behavioural issues and was adaptable to our needs and very easy to work with

Sally, Thirsk

Hello Wendy. Annie is a new dog. No hackles or anything. She wags her tail when she sees our 2 year old now! We very much appreciate your help with this. Would you like a testimonial for your website?

Many thanks,


Charlie, York

Just to let you know Christmas was a success with Millie and I, she just had one mishap when Chris went down to his parents. She's now done two full weeks of going into the litter tray I'm so proud to call her my cat. Now I have control of my emotions with her, we play with her everyday it's like she's a changed cat all of a sudden. Thanks for the tips she's loving to both of us now and a pleasure to have...

Charlotte and Chris, Huddersfield