Cat Behaviour

Hey Dog Understands Cats!

Are you worried or stressed out by your cat’s recently developed or on-going behaviour problem?

Or perhaps yours is one of a growing number of cats confined to the home and you want to address the challenge of keeping her stimulated, yet secure and happy.

As emotional animals, cats are particularly sensitive to their environment and relationships with people and other animals. This may be because the domestic cat is still much closer to a wild animal than the domestic dog. Cats can express their stresses with unwanted spraying and urinating, over-grooming, excessive vocalisation and withdrawal among other behaviours.

Using knowledge of a cat’s emotional and physical needs based in science, I will cover the same detail as I would a dog in my consultation of your cat’s environment, history and behaviour, to help discover the cause of her unwanted behaviour.

Consultations include home visit, behaviour analysis, full written report and behaviour modification plan, plus liaison with your vet if necessary.

Prices: £150 initial consultation plus .46p mileage beyond 10mi from Haxby, York.

Follow-ups: £65/hr plus mileage.