One to One’s

Puppy/Adolescent Dog Training – One to One’s

Why choose a one-to-one session for your young dog?

  • One-to-one’s may better fit into your lifestyle
  • You may have particular needs or lifestyle choices for your dog, for instance, you may want to practice around livestock or in town or want your dog to relax in a cafe’
  • Maybe you completed your puppy classes but your dog has some minor behaviour problems* you want help with
  • (*please note, if I deem a behaviour problem to be a major one, I will require a behaviour consultation at the price above)

So, what kind of things are included in puppy/adolescent training? You may want to address:

  • house-training
  • chewing/biting
  • jumping
  • lead-pulling
  • recall

As standard we will cover:

  • calmness/settle
  • breed appropriate play
  • recall
  • loose-lead walking
  • leave-it
  • What was That??
  • general relationship building

Prices: £230 for six – one hour lessons (plus .45p mileage beyond 10mi from Haxby, York)

Family Dog/Child Safety One-to-One’s

If you have a family, I can help to improve the safety of your children around dogs by:

  • Teaching your children safe and respectful behaviour around dogs
  • Helping the whole family learn how to read dog body language using the Hey Dog! Let’s Talk!
  • What was that?? – teaching your dog to cope with the rough and tumble of family life
  • Helping your children become important to your dog – this will be fun!
  • Giving your dog choices – why this is important when the safety of children is concerned

Preparing your home and your dog before the baby arrives is the ideal time to do it. I can help you:

  • Teach your dog to be content on his own whilst you spend time with your baby
  • Look at your home and decide where safe spaces can be made for your dog and your baby
  • Help you guide your growing baby toward safe behaviour around your dog

If your dog’s behaviour is a worry to you, don’t leave it any longer. If you are concerned about your children’s safety around dogs, I can help.

Prices: £50 per one hour family session (plus .45p/mi beyond 10mi from Haxby, York)

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