Dog Training

“I felt the training was set at an appropriate level and built steadily throughout the course.  Also, you adapted the training quickly if we were not getting it! which stopped any frustration in both dog and owner. A relationship developed through the course of trust, teamwork and fun which was lovely.” – Vikki, Thirsk

Beginning Puppy – 10-16 weeks old

*Sorry not currently available*

The perfect start for your young pup! As we will be training outdoors, puppies must have had both vaccinations and must be no more than 14 weeks at start of classes.

Classes will be limited to 4 puppies for maximum care and assistance from Wendy. The classes will be held over 6 weeks. We will cover all the basics including:

  • Recall
  • Loose- lead walking
  • Sit/Down
  • Play
  • Settle
  • Following a lure
  • and so much more!

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Beginning Puppy currently available from Tholthorpe Scout Hut, Back Lane, Tholthorpe, York YO61 1SN

Excitable Adolescent!

*Sorry, not currently available*

Do you have an excitable, over-enthusiastic greeter? Are you tired of being dragged toward every dog in sight? Taught in small groups of 4 dogs, this course is about helping your dog learn to work with you even in the presence of other dogs.

Using a variety of play, reward and training techniques we will help your dog learn to watch other dogs calmly, focus on you when training and at play and greet each other politely. With friendly support and a small class, each dog and handler team will be able to work at their own pace without pressure or a need to ‘keep up with the Jones’s’. Come give it a try!
NOTE: This course is NOT for aggressive, highly reactive or fearful dogs. If you have these concerns, please contact Wendy at regarding a behaviour assessment

Currently offered at Derrings Kennels, New Derrings Farm, Raskelf, York YO61 3LW