Talks & Cats

Do you know a group or club that would be interested in a fun and informative talk about understanding dog body language and learning safe behaviour around dogs?

The types of groups that may be interested include:

  • Scouts and Guides
  • Schools
  • Pre-natal or post-natal groups
  • Nurseries

….And many others

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Hey Dog Does Cats!

Are you worried or stressed out by your cat’s recently developed or on-going behaviour problem?

Or perhaps yours is one of a growing number of cats confined to the home and you want to address the challenge of keeping her stimulated, yet secure and happy.

As emotional animals, cats are particularly sensitive to their environment and relationships with people and other animals. This may be because the domestic cat is still much closer to a wild animal than the domestic dog.

It’s understandable we humans can find them a mystery at times.

Let me help you solve the mystery.

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