Walk and Train

Does your young dog pull on the lead? Have issues with other dogs when you are walking down the street? Or maybe there are other basic training problems you keep thinking you will get round to dealing with but life and work keep getting in the way?

Walk and Train may be for you!

Like your dog walker, I will come to your house and take your dog out but with the added benefit of giving him or her a proper training session. Using regular, consistent and positive techniques are the key to successful dog training and this could be one of the techniques that brings success for your young dog.

Starting in puppyhood brings the fastest results but I’m not put off by a slightly older dog with a few bad habits*. Intersperse Walk and Train with the occasional One-to-One session so we are both using the same techniques to gain the best results.

*any dog I deem to have a behavioural problem will require a full Behaviour Consultation to determine if they are suitable for Walk and Train

Book 6 sessions for only £200 (York area only)